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The Saturday Morning Market is the result of the grassroots efforts of individuals committed to developing a creative community spirit in downtown St. Petersburg. The Market has achieved remarkable success in fulfilling its mission, becoming the largest fresh market in the southeast United States. But more importantly, it’s brought a vibrant energy to our city that is transformational.

The Market is guided by a three member Steering Committee. The committee is composed of Mark Johnson, Gail Eggeman, and Carol Ringold.

Gail Eggeman, Managing Director, is responsible for the weekly market operations.
  • Market: (727) 455-4921 (Please make sure this number is programmed into your cell phone.)
  • Email:
We want everyone to be successfull at the market. The following are documents that may be useful to our vendors.

Operations Handbook
- The Handbook provides a detailed and thorough description of how we operate.  Vendors and all their employees should be thoroughly familiar with our operating practices.

Vendor Self-Assessment Tool - This tool is very powerful method of evaluating your current  vending practice and identifying on-going improvement opportunities It outlines 7 categories of participation, and defines what poor, good and excellent look like for each category.

Payment Planner - The planner is a tool to help you accurately track your attendance and related payments.  Vendors are responsible for making timely payment, and tracking thier payment status.

Liability Insurance Overview - Vendors are required to carry liability insurance, and provide the Market a document that shows the Market as 'Additionally Insured' on the policy.  The overview describes the markets requirements and provides guidance on finding an inexpensive policy that matches the vendor's type of products.

Williams Park Market Operations Guidelines - The Operations Guidelines for the 2015 Williams Park Summer Market.

Infraction Policy
May 28th is the last day of regular market. Open 9am-2pm
Wms Park Summer Mkt opens Jun 4, hours are 9am-1pm

Enjoy some of your favorite local bands play live at the market! View Schedule
The mission of the market is to be the ‘Heart’ of St. Petersburg ...
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